University of Dayton Chapter

American Association of University Professors

January 19, 2006

(Minutes Unapproved)

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Roesch Library, 3:00 p.m.        ninth  Meeting, 2005-2006

Presiding:  President Joseph L. Watras



1.  Wine and Cheese discussion  The University of Dayton chapter of the AAUP is pleased to invite all faculty members to a wine and cheese social on 17 February 2006 in the Forum of the Learning Teaching Center in the Roesch Library. The social will begin at 3pm and it should end by 4:30pm. The featured guests are Jaimie M. Pottorf, the executive director of the Ohio Conference of the AAUP, and Dave Rubin, the chair of Committee F. They are coming to discuss ways the relationship between the University of Dayton's chapter and the Ohio Conference can advance the academic profession.  


2. Professor Buckley was voted up to $50.00 to buy supplies for the Wine and Cheese Discussion.  


3. Next Meeting

        Feb. 14 (Tues.) 2006  in Roesch Library room 203 at 3:00


4.  Adjournment at 4:00 p.m.

        Respectfully submitted,



        David M. Buckley



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