University of Dayton Chapter

American Association of University Professors

Feb.  14, 2006

(Minutes Unapproved)

Roesch Library, 3:00 p.m.        tenth   Meeting, 2005-2006

Presiding:  President Joseph L. Watras

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 1. Minutes of January meeting were approved.

 2.  Treasurer Friel's Report

     Prof, Friel submitted a financial report.  Treasurer is sending a complete list of our chapter members to the national AAUP. 

 3. We have received positive comments concerning the AAUP website.

 4. Questions arose about the level of support given to the Library in light of other expenditures.

5.  The Chapter hopes that University administrators will attend our Wine and Cheese event.

6.  Wine and Cheese discussion  The University of Dayton chapter of the AAUP met on 17 February 2006 in the Learning Teaching Center in the Roesch Library for a wine and cheese social. The featured guests were Jaimie M. Pottorf, the executive director of the Ohio Conference of the AAUP, and Dave Rubin, the chair of Committee F. Ways the relationship between the University of Dayton's chapter and the Ohio Conference can advance the academic profession.  Of particular interest was the debate on criminal background checks for hiring faculty.  This discussion took place at the Wine and Cheese and not at the Feb. 14 meeting.

7. Next Meeting       March 21, (Tues.) 2006  in Roesch Library room 203 at 3:00

8.  Adjournment at 4:00 p.m.

        Respectfully submitted,

         David M. Buckley


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