University of Dayton Chapter

American Association of University Professors

Jan 27, 2005

(Minutes Unapproved)

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Roesch Library, 3:00 p.m.                                                                        Third  Meeting, 2004-2005

Presiding:  President Joseph L. Watras


1.  Minutes of  Dec. 1, 2004

                The minutes were approved.

2.  Treasurer Friel's Report

                        b. No change since last report .


3. Faculty Salary report was given to the Chapter by the administration to explain the ways the university chose the new peer group of universities for salary comparison.  The following is the information the AAUP chapter received.


U.D. administrators were looking for certain characteristics when defining this list, although an institution did not need to possess each of these characteristics to make the list:

- Similar scale (budget size)

- Similar academic programs

- Compete for the same students/faculty

- Similar endowment

- Similar student body size

- Predominantly residential

- Similar student/faculty ratio

- Similar rating-- doctoral intensive or "high-end" comprehensive


It was felt that it might be best to have not only privates, but also publics since we really compete in both fields.  Since this group is to be used for analysis, the number of 25 schools was a minimum because of the variety. 


The selection of peers is something that is commonly debated at an institution. Some institutions maintain up to three different lists: "peers", "competitors", and "aspirants." While there is value in having several peers, U.D. uses this single list of peers.


 4.  President Watras and Ken Rozensweig will arrange a meeting with Tom Skill to establish a link for Dayton AAUP webpage to the University homepage.


5.       The Chapter sent a statement to the Ohio AAUP concerning Dr. Beauregard, who is also

       being honored by other areas of the University.


       6.  The chapter members look forward with interest to the upcoming faculty meeting of Jan. 28 and will express some

            concerns there.  



 Next Meeting

                March  3  (Thurs.) 2005  in Roesch Library room203 at 3:00


7.  Adjournment at 4:00 p.m.

                Respectfully submitted,

                 David M. Buckley (taking over for Dr. Beauregardís term),


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