University of Dayton Chapter

American Association of University Professors

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AAUP Meeting


27 January 2014


In attendance:

Caroline Merithew, President

Juan Santamarina, Vice-President

Andrew Sladew, Secretary

Jayne Robinson

Mark Masthay

Joe Watras

Ken Rosenzweig

Dorian Bornobus

Margie Pinnell

Rebecca Wells

Ellen Fleischmann

Bill Trollinger




On the agenda were issues of faculty governance.  The question has been raised about the senate following the senate’s own rules.  The issue of voting for Senators based on the interests in shared governance was discussed.  Vigorous discussion ensued.


The membership discussed the role of the parliamentarian in the Senate and the mechanism used to name the parliamentarian was discussed.


The next meeting will be on 3 February 2014 in HUM 472.


The meeting adjourned shortly after 4:00 pm.

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