University of Dayton Chapter

American Association of University Professors

March 3, 2005

(Minutes Unapproved)

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Roesch Library 203, 3:00 p.m.                                                                 fourth   Meeting, 2004-2005

Presiding:  President Joseph L. Watras


1.  Minutes of  Jan. 27, 2004

                The minutes were approved.


2.  Treasurer Friel's Report

                        The members accepted this report that showed a positive balance with a slight increase.


3. Books bought by the Library  for the Beauregard collection.

                The chapter members recognized and thanked Dr. Fred Jenkins, interim Head of the Roesch Library for his care in selecting books for the Beauregard collection.   The following books are now on order for the Roesch Library.


                                At the schoolhouse gate : lessons in intellectual freedom.

                                Who owns academic work? : battling for control of intellectual property.

Silencing scientists and scholars in other fields: power, paradigm controls, peer

review, and scholarly communication.

                                Real choice, real freedom in American education: the legal and constitutional case

for parental rights and against governmental control of American education.

Protecting the right to teach and learn: power, politics, and public schools.

                                Leasing the ivory tower : the corporate takeover of academia.   

Inside Corporate U : women in the academy speak out.

The imperiled academy. (new essays assesses current state of U.S. Universities, future


                                Freedom to learn.

                                Conscience of the university, and other essays.

                                The Beleaguered College : essays on educational reform.

                                Advocacy in the classroom : problems and possibilities.

                                Academic freedom in Canada : a history.

                                Academic freedom and the inclusive university.                                         

                                Approaches to Academic Freedom and Related Issues.

                                Academics and the Real World.

                                Calling Academia to Account : rights and responsibilities.


4.  The members held a lengthy discussion on the Roesch Library and its role in support of faculty and graduate student research.  The chapter members reaffirm their belief that the library is central to the University, and they hope that official mission statements will recognize the role the library plays.


5. Profs. Rosenzweig and Watras are working to link the National AAUP  to our local website.


6. There was a discussion on the role of the LTC and the many ways it supports faculty.


7. The chapter requests that all AAUP members send their E-Mail address to the National AAUP.  Dr. Watras will check on the roster before elections next meeting.


 Next Meeting

                May 5,  (Thurs.) 2005 in Roesch Library room 203 at 3:00.


 Adjournment at 4:00 p.m.

                Respectfully submitted,


                David M. Buckley (taking over for Dr. Beauregardís term),


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