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American Association of University Professors

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April 14, 2011  (Minutes Unapproved)  


Roesch Library Room 503, 3:00 p.m.  

Presiding:  Joseph Watras  

Three visitors came to the AAUP chapter meeting who had attended the discussion on 7 April 2011 with Ms. Sara Kaminski and Dr. Rudy Fichtenbaum about the relation between the Ohio Conference and the Dayton chapter of the AAUP. The visitors wanted to know more about our chapter.

When people present expressed their opinions about the discussion of 7 April, everyone agreed it was a success. Ms. Kaminski and Dr. Fichtenbaum were well prepared and they explained the many problems that Senate Bill 5 and the cuts in the budget will cause universities. One question was about the effects of the budget on OhioLink. This service is crucial to UD faculty, yet factors outside the university control the system. Dr. Fichtenbaum said he had some experience with the funding for OhioLink and he did not think it would suffer. Dr. Fichtenbaum added that he is willing to return if we need him. As an economist, he is well versed in problems with university finances.

Ms. Kaminski and Dr. Fichtenbaum asked for help with the referendum to reverse SB 5. The chapter made a donation for this effort even though the legislation about collective bargaining does not affect the University of Dayton. Ms. Kaminski expressed sincere thanks for the chapterís support. Anyone interested in helping with what will be an expensive and exhaustive campaign should contact Ms. Kaminski at the Ohio Conference of the AAUP or Dr. Watras.

Dr. Watras announced that he had sent letters of appreciation to Ms. Kaminski and Dr. Fichtenbaum for their willingness to come to UD on April 7. He sent a letter to Dean Kelly of the School of Education and Allied Professions thanking him for providing the coffee and cookies that everyone enjoyed.

The chapter discussed bringing up two questions next semester. The first concerns post tenure review and the stringent guidelines that seem to be part of the process. The second is about the evaluation of administrators. If rigorous evaluations will improve the performance of faculty members, they should have the same effect on administrators ensuring that they act fairly and wisely. The chapter members did not reach any decisions. 

The chapter will meet again on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 3:00.  As the meeting date approaches, the chapter will announce the location.

Respectfully submitted,

Prof. David M. Buckley
Secretary AAUP

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