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Writing Internship Guidelines (English 485)

Internship Application (MS Word Format)

Current Internship Openings (2012-13)

Who is eligible for an internship?

  • English majors or minors or non-majors pursuing the Writing Certificate
  • Minimum 2.5 overall GPA and a minimum 3.0 GPA in English
  • Junior or senior class standing
  • Have successfully completed one upper-level professional writing course: Report & Proposal Writing, Business Writing, Technical Communication, or Web Writing

Where can students find internship opportunities?

Students may suggest their own workplaces for internships, or they may request assistance from the Internship Coordinator in obtaining an internship with a local organization. Internship openings will be posted to this website on a regular basis.

How do students apply?

At least one semester prior to desired internship, student should fill out an application containing:
  • A statement of the student's goals in enrolling in the internship
  • Type of experience desired
  • Suggested workplace, if known
  • Resume at minimum; preferably a professional portfolio
Permission will be granted or denied in writing from the Internship Coordinator, Nicky Adams. Contact her at 229-3423 or

How many hours of credit is an internship worth?

From 1-3 credits, depending on hours worked. 40 hours per 1 credit

What work must a student complete in order to receive credit?

For the supervising organization:
Student, supervising organization, and Internship Coordinator will agree in writing on the period of internship, time schedule, and intern’s responsibilities prior to start of the internship. Intern must work the agreed upon time and complete the designated responsibilities.

For the University of Dayton:
Student must meet with Internship Coordinator three times during the semester (before internship begins, midterm week, finals week). By finals week, student must provide Internship Coordinator with the following. Credit for the class will not be awarded if all of the following are not received by the designated dates:
  • Internship Journal: A collection of weekly journal entries of what the student during the placement. Journal entries should address what the intern is learning on the job as well as how the job experiences and coworkers are affecting the intern, positively or negatively.
  • Artifact File: A collection of samples to demonstrate what the intern worked on during the placement; photocopies are acceptable.
  • Student Midterm Evaluation: Student will answer a brief list of questions at the midpoint of the internship and meet with supervisor to discuss work to date.
  • Supervisor’s Midterm and Final Evaluations: Evaluations from the placement supervisor will serve as supporting documents to confirm what the student presents in the internship report and artifact file. These evaluations can assist the English Department in measuring the value of the internship experience.
  • An Essay of Assessment: Handed in at the end of the internship, this essay should discuss how well the experience met the goals of the internship, the student’s strengths and weaknesses, etc.

What are the responsibilities of the supervising organization?

The organization is expected to
  • Delegate duties to the intern in accord with those stipulated in the initial agreement form that is signed and returned to the Internship Coordinator;
  • Submit mid-term and final evaluations to the Internship Coordinator addressing intern’s attitude, ability, quality of work, attendance, and recommendation for credit;
  • Maintain contact with the Internship Coordinator during the semester.