Dr. Jennifer Pechal



Postdoctoral Associate

About Me

My research interests are focused on decomposition ecology. Specifically, identifying microbial species involved in the decompositional processes of ephemeral resources in terrestrial habitats, and their roles influence community assemblages, microbe-invertebrate interactions, and ecosystem dynamics. I am interested in analyzing successional changes of microbial communities based on functional and structural profiles throughout decomposition. Utilizing molecular and physiological responses of microbial communities is a novel concept being applied to carrion models in order to better elucidate species interactions and mechanisms regulating decomposition.

This work is part of a multi-institutional collaborative effort studying microbial communities found on decomposing resources. Data collected in collaboration with Drs. Jeff Tomberlin and Aaron Tarone at Texas A&M University and Dr. Tawni Crippen at the USDA-ARS in College Station, Texas will add to the overall knowledge of the driving forces governing decomposition of ephemeral resources and provide empirical data to support the theoretical concepts of ecology and community assembly. Additionally, it is providing one of the foundations for more accurate estimations of how long a resource has been decomposing, which directly translates to improving forensics estimations of how long a person has been exposed for colonization or period of insect activity.


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