Bioterrorism, Public Health and the Law 
Law 801: Health Care Law Seminar
Professor Vernellia R. Randall



Lesson Schedule
00: Intro to the Course
01: Intro to the Problem
02: Public Health System
03: Real Threat?
04: Public Health Law
05: Disease-Reporting
06: Quarantine
07: Model Act
08: Military Presence
09: Health Law Revisited



(A) Every physician attending on or called in to visit a patient whom the physician believes to be suffering from any of the occupational diseases or occupationally related ailments listed in paragraph (B) of this rule shall submit a report to the director of health within forty-eight hours from the time of first attending the patient. This report shall be made on, or in conformity with, the standard schedule blanks which the director is required to provide physicians pursuant to section 3701.26 of the Revised Code and shall contain the following information:

(1) The name, address, telephone number, date of birth, race, gender and occupation of the patient;

(2) The name, address, telephone number and business of the patient's employer;

(3) The nature of the disease or ailment; and

(4) Name, address and telephone number of the physician.

The mailing of the report, within the time required by this paragraph shall constitute compliance with section 3701.25 of the Revised Code and this rule.

(B) The following occupational diseases and ailments are required to be reported:

(1) Poisoning from phosphorus, brass, arsenic, mercury, wood alcohol or their compounds;

(2) Anthrax;

(3) Compressed air illness;

(4) Silicosis;

(5) Occupational asthma;

(6) Pesticide posioning;

(7) Cumulative trauma disorders including, but not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome and persistent and recurring tendinitis;

(8) Poisoning from heavy metals including, but not limited to, lead, nickel and cadmium;

(9) Asbestosis;

(10) Mesothelioma;

(11) Amputation of limb or digit; and

(12) Burn or burns resulting from exposure or contact to chemical, flame, or heat and of such severity as to cause admission into a hospital, burn unit, or other health care facility.


HISTORY: 1998-99 OMR 64 (A), eff. 7-23-98; 1990-91 OMR 523 (E), eff. 11-3-90

RC 119.032 rule review date(s): 7-23-03

<General Materials (GM) - References, Annotations, or Tables>


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