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 During most classes we will work on problems, in fact the primary focus of the class will be on problems.    You should work out an individual answer to the assigned problems and be prepared to fully participate in the class.  All problems should be formatted and answer as if you were providing an answer to your immediate supervisor. That is, unless otherwise noted by the problem or by Professor Randall, your answer should constructed as a memo to senior partner and should be appropriately footnoted  

       Formatting Convention: Problem answers should be typed, single spaced, 1 inch margins,   12 pt. Times Roman. Length should be appropriate to answer the problem; as a guidance that generally mean between 750 to 1500 words.

       YOU SHOULD DROP THE PROBLEM BEFORE CLASS IN THE TWEN DROP BOX AND YOU SHOULD BRING TWO COPIES of YOUR PROBLEM ANSWER to CLASS. One copy will be turned in during class. The other copy is for your use during class.  At the top of the page in the right hand-corner place your name on the first line and on the second line place the problem number and name. Problem answers  will be collected during class. No problems answer will be accepted late (That is after class).

      For each problem you should prepare your own answers BEFORE CLASS. Those answers should be turned in at every class .  Your problem answer should reflect a good faith attempt to answer the question.  

        No credit will be given  if you are not in class. 

         Problems will be evaluated using the following: 


 Problem Grading Rubric.

++ 95 Outstanding response with superior supporting examples or evidence, unusual insights, creative and original analysis, reasoning, and explanation. superior mastery of content. goes well beyond the minimum required for the assignment. all information is factually correct, Position is clearly stated and consistently maintained. References to most of the issue(s) are clearly stated. Clearly states appropriate law which supports the position; Structure of work is clearly developed. Tone is consistent and enhances persuasiveness.  excellent conclusion/integration; excellent citations.
+ 85 Good solid response that uses excellent supporting examples, excellent reasoning and explanations. goes beyond the minimum required by the assignment. Most information is factually correct, good discussion of detail, Position is clearly stated and consistently maintained. Clear references to most of the issue(s) are stated. Clearly states appropriate law which supports the position; Structure of work is clearly developed . Tone is consistent and enhances persuasiveness good conclusion/integration 
U 75  good solid response that meets minimum required by the assignment, reasoning and explanations are adequate, Most information is factually correct, adequate discussion of detail,  Position is clearly stated and consistently maintained. References to the some of the issue (s)  are stated but some key issue (s) are missing. Clearly states appropriate law in some instance, but also mistates the law in other instances; Structure developed reasonably well, but lacks clarity; Tone enhances persuasiveness, but there are inconsistencies., adequate conclusion/ integration 
- 65 Response is accurate but cursory, and does not meet the minimum requred for completeness, some inaccuracies or reasoning flaws, response is too general, lacks specific evidence. Position is stated, but is not maintained consistently throughout work.  A few of the key issues are stated but many are missing.  Mostly mistates the law applicable to the problem; Some attempt to structure the argument has been made, but the structure is poorly developed. Tones does not contribute to persuasiveness.
nc 55 Response doesn't effectively address the question, response fails to support assertions with examples, major flaws in reasoning, explanations are unclear, displays inadequate understanding of content/ Statement of position cannot be determined.  Most of the key issues are missing. There is a total lack of structure; Tone is inappropriate to purpose. 
0 0 No Problem Complete

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