Law 803 Health Care Malpractice
Professor Vernellia Randall
The University of Dayton School of Law

16: Informed Consent - Part I


07: Standard of Care
08: Proving Negligence
09: Other Theories
10: Defenses - Part I
11: Defenses - Part II
12: Causation Problems
13: Damage Innovations
14: Confidentiality - Part I
15: Confidentiality - Part II
16: Informed Consent-Part I
17: Informed Consent-Part II
Lesson Schedule

Unit01: Introduction
Unit02: Professional Liability
Unit03: Institutional Liability
Unit04: Tort Reform



Other Syllabi 
American Health Care Law

Violence and Public Health
Favorite Poetry
The Bridge Poem
Still I Rise
No Struggle No Progress
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Race and Racism
Gender and the Law
Legal Education
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Required Reading

bulletFurrow, Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care
pp. 320-355
bulletFurrow, 2003 Supplement to Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care
pp. 45-46

Problem Assignment

bulletImpaired Physician, Furrow Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care
pp. 345

Extra Credit

bulletSuccessful Advocacy - Cross Examination


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