HST 495





Below are listed the History Department Internship requirements and the essential information for the prospective student intern.  Contact the Internship Program Director, Dr. Janet Bednarek, History Department, HM 464 (jbednarek1@udayton.edu or 9-2824) if you have any additional questions.


Prerequisite and Grade Point Average Requirements:


Prospective history interns must have a GPA of 3.0 in all history courses and an overall GPA of 2.5.  They must also have completed HST 301.  In certain cases students may be allowed to enroll in HST 301 and an internship concurrently.


Work Schedule:


The intern will be assigned a work schedule by the sponsoring organization.  An average of seven (7) to nine (9) hours per week during the course of the semester in which the intern is registered for the course Ė and/or a total of 120 hours Ė is required for the three (3) credit hours of credit.




The internís work will be evaluated and the academic grade will be determined by the Internship Director based on the following criteria:




The contract is a signed agreement between the History Department, the supervising agency, and the intern, specifying the program requirements.  The contract is kept on file in the History Department.  A copy is available for inspection in the Internship Directorís office.  The student must return a signed and dated contract to the Internship Director at the beginning of the internship.


Internís Goal Statement:


Along with the contract the intern will submit a written statement of the goals to be achieved during the internship.  This statement will be produced as a result of consultation between the intern and his/her internship supervisor and must be submitted at the beginning of the internship.  Its purpose is to set out as specifically as possible what the intern can expect to experience and accomplish.  The statement is to be considered a general guide and its exact terms may be modified as circumstances warrant, as long as any changes are in keeping with the spirit of the internship experience.



Daily Log:


A narrative account of the internís activities, the log must contain (1) the dates and times of the internís activities; (2) a complete and detailed description of the internís activities at the supervising agency.  The log is submitted to the Internship Director at the mid-term and at the end of the semester in which the internship is taken.


Supervisorís Evaluation:


The sponsoring agencyís intern supervisor submits an evaluation of the internís performance at mid-term and at the end of the semester to the Internship Director.


Mid-term and Final Conferences


The intern and the Internship Director meet to assess the internís progress in light of the supervisorís evaluation and the internís goals.


Final Paper


The intern will submit at the end of the semester in which the internship is taken an 8-10 page (double-spaced) paper containing the following:


1.       A narrative summary of the internís work and accomplishments during the internship.  This should include a discussion of the historical methodologies and skills employed by the student during the internship.

2.      Related to (1) above, an assessment of what new skills and/or methodologies were learned in the course of the internship and/or what skills were practiced as a result of the internship.

3.      Examples of work produced by the intern.


The intern should produce two copies of this final paper.  One copy will remain in the files of the Internship Director and the other will be returned to the student.


Intern Placement:


Placement of a prospective, qualified intern must have the approval of the Internship Director.  Placement may be had in a variety of settings including, as examples, historical societies, museums, architectural preservation boards, businesses, government agencies, and political parties according to the availability and student qualifications and interests.  The sponsoring agency appoints an on-site supervisor for the intern and determines the internís activities in light of the internís goals and the academic standards and goals of the University of Daytonís History Department.  The intern is not guaranteed any job opportunity with the sponsoring agency at any time in the future.


Internship Program Goal:


The overall goal of the program is to provide history majors with ďhands onĒ experience in the use of analytical and writing skills as well as historical knowledge.