Metro Dayton Hikers

Germantown MetroPark

March 6, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Elzie McIntyre, Jr.

Elzie also submitted the following comments on the hike:

What made this hike an unusual challenge is the number of detours we had to make in order to get around the flooded areas. I insisted that this group photo be sent to you so that you might document the stammer and driving-focus this large group had with the intent to complete this particular hike, in-spite of the high waters.

It was a muddy, hill-climbing, back-tracking and extraordinary-trail-blazing ODYSSEY that was forged through uncharted territory that this hiking group went through to complete this hike----here Ken, I was totally perplexed because I didn't hear one complaint, in-fact, I was startled to hear much laughter coming from the rear of the group; we had lots of fun!

I think that the leadership shown by Cris Sands and Jerry Lamb on the Germantown hike, as well as the cooperation and understanding shown by the hikers was remarkable.