Metro Dayton Hikers

Hills & Dales MetroPark

Jan 20, 2013

35 hikers came out for this hike in the beautiful Hills & Dales Park and the 4 small parks in Oakwood.  The temperature was cold (in the 20s), so we were somewhat uncomfortable until we got moving.  But the sunny day and the vigorous hiking warmed everyone up.  After hiking the full length of Hills and Dales MetroPark from north to south, we headed into Oakwood, moving between the four parks by streets.  Hikers found the four parks, Loy Gardens, Elizabeth Gardens, Houk Stream Park, and Smith Gardens, to be beautiful and pleasant to walk in.  Hikers also enjoyed viewing the beautiful Oakwood houses and landscaping while walking the Oakwood streets.  Total hiking distance was approximately 5 miles, which we completed in 2 hours.

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