Metro Dayton Hikers

Hills & Dales MetroPark

May 4, 2014

21 hikers attended this hike on a beautiful sunny day with temperature about 70F.  Starting from the White Oak Camp at the north end of Hills & Dales MetroPark, we hiked all the way to the south end of the MetroPark, passing the Patterson statue, the tower and many other sites on the way.  Then we headed into Oakwood by way of Park Road, passing by the swan pool.  We then went through Loy Gardens, Elizabeth Gardens, Houk Stream Park, and Smith Gardens.  The flowers, especially tulips, were blooming profusely in Smith Gardens.  Then we returned to White Oak Camp mostly by way of Runnymeade.  Total hiking distance was 6 miles.  At the end of the hike, the hikers all seemed in a great mood as a result of sharing this beautiful hike.

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