Metro Dayton Hikers

Huffman MetroPark

Mar 30, 2014

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23 hikers attended this hike of approximately 5 miles.  After an incredibly nasty yesterday of snow, ice, and cold rain, the hike day was unbelievably beautiful.  The sun was out and the sky was blue.  Hiking temperature was ideal at about 50F.  Initially, we hiked across the dam, heading toward Huffman Prairie where the Wright brothers tested their airplanes.  Unfortunately, Huffman Prairie for unknown reasons was locked up and we could not get in.  So we hiked back to the museum.  From there, we hiked along the bicycle path part of the way toward Eastwood MetroPark.  We then turned back and returned to the starting point at the parking lot.  The hikers seemed to really enjoy hiking in such a scenic and historic area.