Metro Dayton Hikers

Twin Valley Trail

May 19, 2013

10 hikers participated in this long and grueling hike of 14 miles with several challenging hills along the way.  We started at the Sledding hill in Germantown MetroPark and ended up at the Twin Creek MetroPark parking lot on Chamberlain Road.  Paul Martin left his van at the end so that the hikers could be bused back to the starting point.  At 10 AM when we started out, the weather was humid, cool, and foggy from the recent heavy rains.  We experienced no rain on the hike itself, but the trails were extremely muddy.  The hikers did a lot of slip sliding around.  By the end of the hike, the sun had come out and the temperature had warmed up.  At the end of the hike, many of the hikers were tired, but all seemed to be exhilarated by having overcome a great challenge.

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