Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue



Approved May 14, 2000

ANNUAL DUES: The membership dues shall be $20 per person. In January of every year Dialogue members desiring to remain on the membership roster will be required to submit their annual membership dues to the Treasurer.

OFFICES: There shall be four OFFICES: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The term of each office shall be for two years. Every other year during the February or March Dialogue meeting a nominating committee shall be formed, consisting of at least three Dialogue members, at least one of which shall be a former Dialogue officer. The task of the nominating committee will be to recruit suitable candidates to fill the officer positions and to present their names to the members of the Dialogue at the May meeting for election.


The Chair and Vice-Chair: It is the duty of the Chair to preside over all meetings. If the Chair cannot attend a meeting, the Vice-Chair will substitute for the Chair.

The Treasurer: It is the duty of the Treasurer to collect the annual membership dues and to keep an accounting of all moneys coming into the treasury and all moneys taken out. Any money taken out must be for Dialogue-related business. The Treasurer shall not release more than $50 at one time for any purpose unless two of the other Dialogue officers agree to it. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to give a stipend of $25 to the guest speaker at each monthly Dialogue meeting ($50 shall be paid to guest speakers coming from out-of-town). THE TREASURER SHALL REPORT THE BALANCE IN THE CHECKING ACCOUNT TO THE MEMBERS AT EACH MONTHLY MEETING. ONCE A YEAR, AT THE JANUARY MONTHLY MEETING, THE TREASURER SHALL DISTRIBUTE AN ITEMIZED WRITTEN REPORT TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CASH RECEIPTS, CASH PAYMENTS, AND BEGINNING AND ENDING CASH BALANCES FOR THE PRIOR CALENDAR YEAR.

The Secretary: It is the duty of the Secretary to record the minutes of each meeting and to publish and mail them to Dialogue members listed on the membership roster. The Secretary shall also function as the back-up Treasurer and as the point-of-contact for people making inquiries regarding the Dialogue.

These bylaws shall be accepted if all the Dialogue officers agree to them, and if the majority of Dialogue members present at a monthly meeting votes in favor of them.