Minutes of Open Meeting

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Date: May 10, 1992

Location: 7455 Elru Drive

Meeting Topic: Feminist Midrashim

Facilitator: Bonnie Rosenzweig

Hosts: Jerry & Lorraine Kotler

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jerry & Lorraine Kotler, Cochairs; Glenn Duckwall, Phyllis Duckwall, Pete and Micky Eveslage, Evelyn Glackman, Eleonor Koenigsberg, Harry Koenigsberg, Ken Lotney, Faith Magee, John Magee, Ruth Precker, Bill Rain, Harold Rubenstein, Sophie Rubenstein, Harold Silverman, Louis Ryterband, Murray Weisman.

GUESTS PRESENT: Bonnie Rosenzweig, Marianne Weisman.

The meeting was opened by Jerry Kotler who gave a short sermonette taken from the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 19, which is known as Kedoshim (in Hebrew) or Holiness.

The minutes of the open meeting were approved and several members noted that they were a pleasure to read. A strong vote of thanks was given to Ken Rosenzweig for doing an outstanding job of recording our meetings.

Comments were made regarding the poor attendance at the open meeting. Some ascribed it to the fact that we did not offer a speaker with a national reputation. Others said that it was because the event was not extensively publicized. However, we all agreed that Professor Branick did an outstanding job.

Harold Rubenstein brought up the series of two articles in the Dayton Jewish Chronicle by David Friedman. Harold brought with him his rejoinder letter, which he handed out. It has been incorporated into the minutes. Also attached to the minutes is a second critique of Mr. Friedman's articles by Rabbi Michael Cook of Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati which will be published in the Chronicle.

It was agreed that the next meeting will be at Shirley Flacks' house on June 21, 1992 at 7:30 PM. This meeting will be devoted, in part, to planning our 1992/93 programs. All who wish to contribute to the selection of our meetings for the next year are invited to attend and bring ideas. The second part of the meeting will be a talk (including audio aids) by Harold Rubenstein on the prayers of Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev.

Carrie Labriola announced that the annual Bridge event will be held at 11:30 AM, June 18th, on the western end of the bridge and will continue on to Courthouse Plaza by noon. Also, the Race Relations Forum will take place in Bldg. 12 at Sinclair College on June 16th at 7 PM.

The evening program was then turned over to Bonnie Rosenzweig who described a most unusual activity/interest of hers; viz., creating midrashim. The word, 'midrash,' is Hebrew for stories (usually about biblical personalities and events). 'Midrashim' is plural. Bonnie is particularly interested in midrashim related to feminist and vegetarian subjects. After reading examples of modern midrashim, she broke us up into four groups. Each group was given a different biblical theme along with several leading questions which were designed to assist in creating a midrash around that theme. The resultant midrash was then read to the entire group. These literary efforts were very challenging and thought provoking and they produced at least one excellent midrash associated with the story of Sarah and Hagar. Everyone seemed to enjoy the program.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Kotler

Acting Secretary

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