Minutes of Planning Meeting

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July 9, 1995

Home of Eileen Moorman

PRESENT: Connie Breen and Lou Ryterband, Cochairs; Arthur Auster, Judy Auster, P. T. Bapu, Bert Buby, Phyllis Duckwall, Lisa Federle, Tom Federle, Paul Flacks, Shirley Flacks, Jack Kelley, Loretta Klein-Cohen, Eleanor Koenigsberg, Harry Koenigsberg, Ruth Precker, John Magee, Eileen Moorman, Mary Ellen Rain, Bill Rain, Ken Rosenzweig, Harold Rubenstein, Sophie Rubenstein, Robin Smith.

Connie called the meeting to order at about 8PM. Eileen delivered the prayer. Connie then announced the picnic which will be held at her home (see Schedule). She then passed around a sheet for people to sign up to bring food to the picnic.

Jack Kelley reported on 2 events in Rockaway, New York which involved the meeting of Jews & Catholics. Eileen announced the recent death of Harold Silverman and moved that the Dialogue plant a tree in Israel in his memory. The motion was approved unanimously by those in attendance..

The meeting then broke up into four groups to develop ideas and proposals for Dialogue programs for the coming year or two. After the group conferences, the larger meeting reconvened at 8:54 PM. Each group then presented its ideas for proposed programs.

Group 1 Presenter: Bert

  1. Political issues-separation church & state; for example the question of religious symbols in the public arena
  2. 50th year anniversary of World War II; questions of reconciliation
  3. Time to forgive the Germans?
  4. Christian & Jewish interpretation of scriptures-possible speaker Prof. Joe Kozar of the University of Dayton Department of Religious Studies
  5. Christian dialogue with Zionists
  6. Personal faith sharing
  7. Translations of the Bible-questions of accuracy and theological agendas; proposed speaker Prof. Conrad L'Heureux of the University of Dayton Department of Religious Studies
  8. Apocrypha
  9. Upcoming national elections-role of the Christian right & Jewish right wing in politics
  10. Woman Rabbi-Chessen or new Assistant Rabbi at Beth Abraham
  11. Bert Buby-Jewish Mother of Jesus
  12. Book of Ruth-Prof. Kathleen Farmer from United Theological Seminary
  13. Rewriting Dialogue mission statement-a new Dialogue pamphlet is needed
  14. What is the role of religion in society? Does it contribute to more tolerant or more intolerant public attitudes? Father Heft suggested as a facilitator.
  15. Culture and customs of the Greek Orthodox community
  16. Picnic
At this point, Paul Flacks asked how the meeting would go about prioritizing the various program ideas. Shirley suggested voting after the presentations by the groups.

Group 2 Presenter: Jack

  1. Kabbalah and community
  2. Third Reich and the Catholic Church; Prof. Immenkoetter from the University of Augsburg, Germany as a speaker
  3. Future of organized religion-mysticism
  4. Jerusalem 3000 or Islam
  5. Another retreat with Dr. James Lyons
  6. Group apathy
  7. Zionism-How should the Dialogue relate to it? John Pawlikowski or Paul Flacks as speaker
  8. The Arab-Israeli peace process
  9. Relations of Orthodox Jews with Christians
  10. Networking
  11. Starting another younger group of Dialoguers
  12. Holistic medicine, auras, angels and cults; sources in the Old Testament & Kabbalah
Group 3 Presenter: Mary Ellen
  1. Harry Koenigsberg's 10 books on basic Zionism; Dialogue members would read and review
  2. What would have been role of Dialogue if it existed in the period of Third Reich?
  3. Conrad L'Heureux of the University of Dayton Department of Religious Studies-Psalm 22
  4. Compare old and new translations of Bible
  5. Harry Koenigsberg-discuss two books on Mishnah & Maimondes
  6. Harry Koenigsberg-Sayings of the Fathers-Christian & Jewish view
  7. Prayer in public schools
  8. Father Heft-any topic
Group 4 Presenter: Tom Federle
  1. Jews of Asia-China-Arthur Auster as speaker
  2. Religion of native Americans-relation to Christianity & Judaism
  3. Ken's experience in Germany
  4. Dr. Immenkoetter as a speaker
  5. Eileen-something practical-meet with other groups; for example Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu groups
  6. Buddhism or Confucianism-Golden Rule universal element of all religion
  7. Sr. Karen Armstrong's book-The History of God
  8. Tour of new Temple Israel building
Some general discussion of programming ideas followed the group presentations. Judy suggested a professional writer to write a brochure for the Dialogue. Ken agreed that a professionally written brochure would be desirable. However, he suggested that the Dialogue must agree on the elements of its mission statement prior to turning it over to a professional writer. This might require a Dialogue meeting to discuss the mission of the Dialogue. Jack Kelley suggested the printing of a card commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Dialogue. Jack also suggested greater involvement of local clergy in the Dialogue similar to the clergy group which supports Dialogue in Rockaway, New York. There followed a general discussion of the merits of having clergy involved in Dialogue; one comment was that clergy are more accustomed to speaking than to listening (a talent that is vital to effective dialogue).

Ken asked what we should do from here organizationally. The attendees decided to recommend that Dialogue members express their preferences for which of the possible programs listed above should be implemented. Suggestions may be turned in either at the picnic in August or directly to one of the Dialogue officers. However, those in attendance agreed on the September, October, and November programs which are listed in the Schedule.

There was some discussion of the possibility of a Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue group tour to Jerusalem for the 3,000th anniversary of that city. After some discussion of possible travel agents, Jack suggested that an appropriate date for such a tour would be during the International Dialogue meeting in Jerusalem May 9-14, 1996. Eileen agreed to investigate possible arrangements.

The Planning Meeting adjourned at about 9:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Rosenzweig
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