Minutes of Monthly Meeting

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May 11, 1997

Location: Alumni Hall, University of Dayton

Meeting Topic: Planning Meeting

Hosts: Harold and Sophie Rubenstein

PRESENT: Connie Breen and Lou Ryterband, Cochairs; Arthur Auster, Judy Auster, Bert Buby, Phyllis Duckwall, Shirley Flacks, Agnes Hannahs, Jack Hickey, Eleanor Koenigsberg, Harry Koenigsberg, John Magee, Eileen Moorman, Ruth Precker, Bill Rain, Ken Rosenzweig, Harold Rubenstein, Sophie Rubenstein, Joan Schiml, Dale Sims, Marshall Weiss.

Connie called the meeting to order at about 8:00 PM. She thanked Harold and Sophie for providing the refreshments. Due to the presence of some new attendees, there followed a round of introductions of all those in attendance. Lt. Col. Dale Sims who is employed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base was warmly welcomed. The Dialogue appreciates the attendance of Marshall Weiss who is Editor of The Dayton Jewish Advocate (Jewish Community Newspaper). Joan Schiml was also in attendance. She is writing an article on the history of the Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue for The Dayton Jewish Advocate.

Harold delivered the invocation. Harold announced that his invocation would be something different because of an unusual confluence of events. He noted that the poet, Alan Ginsberg, had died on April 5, 1997 at the age of 70. Ginsberg wrote a poem called Kaddish in memory of his mother. Harold decided to read this poem because today is Mother's Day. But first Harold noted that the Kaddish is one of the most well known prayers in the Jewish service. The Kaddish is frequently referred to as a prayer for the dead but it is not. Its language magnifies and sanctifies God. However, it is recited in each service by mourners. Harold noted that the words of this prayer are thought to date back to the time of the Second Temple. Also its words are incorporated in a popular Israeli song. Harold felt a strange personal attachment to Ginsberg because of their common upbringing in Patterson, New Jersey. Harold noted that Ginsberg was the poet of the Beat generation, was a Buddhist, and at certain times referred to himself as a Buddhist Jew.

Treasurer Bill Rain reported that the balance in the Dialogue checking account is approximately $800.

Eileen announced the upcoming Dialogue Training Day at St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Kettering. Lou Vera is hoping that as many Dialogue members as possible will attend. Eileen suggested this event would provide a good opportunity for the Dialogue to recruit new members. She hoped that Dialogue members would be there the whole day for this purpose. She urged everyone to come and noted that Kosher food will be available. Lou Ryterband noted the event is on a Saturday which might pose a problem for some Jews.

Election of Officers

There was a wide-ranging discussion of the need to develop future Dialogue leadership. After considerable discussion, it was decided by consensus that officers will be elected for a one-year term (June, 1997 through May, 1998) instead of the normal two-year term. Connie will Cochair the Dialogue during this term with Ruth Precker. The Dialogue also elected Ken Rosenzweig as Secretary and Bill Rain as Treasurer for this one-year term. Connie will be out of town for the June, September, and October, 1997 meetings; as a consequence, Eileen offered to lead the June meeting, Sophie offered to lead the September meeting, and Shirley offered to lead the October meeting.

Planning for the Next Year

Shirley proposed that instead of the speaker led programs that have prevailed recently, the Dialogue return to traditional programs in which Dialogue members are encouraged to share their feelings about dialogue and interreligious issues. There was general consensus among those in attendance that the coming year's program should move toward more interactive events involving the sharing of feelings and opinions.

Over the subsequent hour or so, the program listed on the subsequent pages was developed.

The meeting was adjourned at about 10:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Rosenzweig, Secretary
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