Minutes of Meeting

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Date: April 9, 2000

Location: Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati

Meeting Topic: Tour

Facilitator: Robin Smith

PRESENT: Felix Garfunkel and Robin Smith, Cochairs; Gloria Anticoli, Joanne Beirise, Connie Breen, Bert Buby, Phyllis Duckwall, Victor Forlani, Erika Garfunkel, Edwin Gessel, Agnes Hannahs, Eugene Hannahs, Bette Jasko, Bob Jasko, Jack Kelley, Jerry Kotler, Lorraine Kotler, Ken Lotney, John Magee, Eileen Moorman, Nancy Nerny, Bill Rain, Mary Ellen Rain, Ken Rosenzweig, Pat Searcy, Charles Smith.

Report on Tour of Islamic Center

The April meeting of the Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue was a visit to the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. The Islamic Center is the set of beautiful Middle Eastern style buildings that can be seen from Interstate 75 just north of Cincinnati. Twenty-six tour participants met at the Center at 2:30 PM; the tourguide was Ms. Mona Malik. All of the tour participants concurred that Ms. Malik was a most gracious, informative, and friendly tourguide.

The tour lasted approximately two hours. It began in the mosque sanctuary where the participants observed an Islamic religious service which was in progress. After the service, Ms. Malik met with the tour participants in the sanctuary to answer their questions about the service, other aspects of Islam, and the Cincinnati Islamic community which built the Islamic Center. She then led the group in a tour of three buildings on the Islamic Center campus: the mosque sanctuary building, the educational building, and the administrative building. The tour participants were uniformly impressed with the beauty and spirituality of the architecture of the buildings and the artwork in the buildings.

Following the visit to the Islamic Center, fourteen of the tour participants met for dinner, discussion, and companionship at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Middletown.

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