Minutes of Meeting

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Thank you to Connie Breen for the devotional prayer and the delicious


Thank you to Jerry Kotler for the interesting topics.

Also, thank you to Donna Bealer for taking on the job as secretary and for

learning as she goes.


Date: June 9, 2002

Location: U.D. Alumni Hall, Room 101

Meeting Topic: The Last Supper:  The Dilemma of the Passover Seder.

Speaker: Jerry Kotler

Host & Devotions:  Connie Breen.


At the June Dialogue, Dr. Jerry Kotler led us into an exciting study of his

subject; “The Last Supper:  The Dilemma of the Passover Seder.”


Jerry told us that Joachim Jeremias published his study of fourteen distinct

parallels he had found between the traditional Passover Seder and the

Gospel’s account of Jesus’ Last Supper.  Some of the symbolism in both

celebrations centers around bread, wine, and the sacrificial lamb.


Jerry asked two questions, “Why do Jews care about whether Jesus was

conducting a Passover Seder?”… and “Why would Catholics care about whether

the event was a Seder?”  He answered by saying that historically, Jews have

suffered anti-Semitic acts during Holy Week in past centuries, due to wrong

interpretations of the events and the commemorations that are commanded in

both the Torah and the Gospels.  Dangerous fictions continue to circulate

even today regarding modern Jewish observance of the Passover.


Elaine propounded the Catholic tradition by saying that the Eucharist is a

foundational Church teaching; the bread and wine becoming more than symbols

of Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb Who died for the sins of the world since



Then Jerry led the group into a fascinating tangent with an additional topic:

 “The Private Life of Moses”.  Moses’ forced loss of his identity as an

Egyptian, and then his marriage to Zipporah, brought about his nearly

complete assimilation into Midianite culture.  G-d’s first words to Moses in

the mystical experience of the burning bush were intended to awaken in Moses

his almost forgotten Hebrew heritage, and to tell Moses of G-d’s knowledge of

his people’s suffering in Egypt.  From that point, the Torah contains the

study of Moses’ struggles in his various roles as husband and father, family

and tribal leader, and as a human being in communication with the G-d of the

universe, while the entire Exodus out of Egypt and through the desert becomes

the panoramic backdrop.


Jerry explained that the Hebrew word “chotain” has been translated into

English as “father-in-law”, while the concepts in the Hebrew may actually

include other males who have a blood relationship to a wife, such as her

brothers, uncles, or cousins, hence the confusion of names regarding Moses’



Moses and Zipporah’ first son Gershom has a Hebrew name meaning “a stranger

there”.  Their second son’s name; Eliezer, is translated into English as “My

G-d has saved me”.


Members Present: 28

Guests Present: 5


                               “Thought For the Month”


            Could it be that there are dual mysteries enveloped in the two

differing topics presented by Dr. Kotler?:  Is the mystery of the

Hebrew-Passover/Christian-Last- Supper related to the mysteries surrounding

the names and events in the lives of the sons of Moses and Zipporah?  Could

it be that the Christian church of today has found itself “a stranger there”

amid the encrustations of church history and traditions, and that the

grassroots search for its Hebrew roots, such as the Seders during Holy Week,

are signs of healing rather than symptoms of disease?


Please come to the Planning Meeting on Sunday, August 4th at 7:30 P.M.

We will be meeting at the Garfunkel’s at 5593 Mad River Rd.


                                       A Line From Lillian 


     I’ve heard it said that communication is the key to success of almost

every endeavor, and from my experience, that is true.  Keeping that in mind,

I need your help.  I live in Preble County, only two miles from the

Ohio/Indiana state line.  It is a lovely place to live, but often I feel

“unplugged” from the what’s happening-in-Dayton hotline.  I truly want to

attend (or at least be aware of) events and programs which would be

especially helpful to me as a part of the DCJD leadership team.  So, if you

would please let me know if you hear of something interesting, I would be

ever so grateful.  Thanks!

I hope you all have marked your calendars for The Planning Meeting on August

4th, and the picnic and time of sharing on August 11th.  Your input at those

meetings will help to set the course for the Dialogue as we move forward.  In

the meantime, have a safe and pleasant summer!

                    Blessings and Shalom,


P.S. I hope to see you at the July14 meeting!


 Announcements:  Please come to the Planning Meeting on Sunday, August 4th at

7:30 P.M.  We will be meeting at the Garfunkel’s:  5593 Mad River Rd.


Directions and contingency site details for the picnic will be in the July



                                            Dialogue Schedule:


July 14, 2002, 7:30  

Program Topic:  Jewish Stereotypes in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”.

Program Host/Speaker:  Bert Buby/Brother Alex Tuss, Dept. of English at U.D.

Location:  U.D. Alumni Hall, Room 101.

Devotions:  Phillis Straka

Refreshments: Phillis Straka


August 11, 2002, 5 P.M.

Program topic:  Sharing:  “Why we’re here and where we’re going”.

Facilitator:  Lillian Gillespie.

Location:  644 Ridgedale, Dayton

Devotions:  Lillian Gillespie

Refreshments:  Carry-in picnic.


Sept. 8, 2002, 7:30:

Program Topic:  To be arranged.

Location:  U.D. Alumni Hall, Room 101.


October 13, 2002, 7:30: 

Program topic:  To be arranged.

Location:  7455 Elru Dr. Dayton.

Devotions:  Jerry and Lorraine Kotler

Refreshments:  Jerry and Lorraine Kotler


Nov. 10, 2002, 7:30 P.M. 

Program Topic:  To be arranged.

U.D. Alumni Hall Room, 101.

Devotions: Felix and Erika Garfunkel

Refreshments:  Felix and Erika Garfunkel


Dec. 8, 2002, 7:30 P.M.

Program topic:  to be arranged

Location:  U.D.  Hall Rm. 101

Devotions:  Bert Buby

Refreshments:  Eileen Moorman and Shirley Flacks.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Bealer, Secretary

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