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Office Room #: SC 101 C
Telephone: 229-2136

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Course web pages can be accesses by going to www.webct.udayton.edu and logging into mywebct with your Novell username and password.

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Physics 232 (Physics of Waves) Online Text 

Some Recent Publications

Quantum Theory of Semiconductor Lasers in the Photon Number Representation, Hassan Ashour, Michael Sokol, L. M. Pedrotti, P. R. Rice,  submitted to JOSA B.

Introduction to Optics, 3rd ed. , F. L. Pedrotti, S. J., Leno S. Pedrotti, Leno M. Pedrotti, Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2006.

Spectra of Single Atom Lasers, J. P. Clemens, P. R. Rice, L. M. Pedrotti, JOSA B 21, 2025, 2004

Introduction to Optics, 3rd ed. Errata  (Coming Soon)