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The Department of Mathematics at the University of Dayton presents:

Fall Math Events 2010

The 11th Annual Schraut Memorial Lecture


The 24th Biennial Alumni Seminar

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The 11th Annual Schraut Memorial Lecture

This year's Schraut Lecturer is Dr. Eugene Steuerle (68), Institute Fellow and Richard B. Fisher Chair, The Urban Institute

Every Time I Turn Around There's Dr. Schraut


You Can't Take Mathematics out of a U.D. Math Major

Information about previous Schraut lectures can be found here.


The 24th Biennial Alumni Seminar

In every even-numbered year since 1964, alums of the Department of Mathematics return to the University of Dayton to gather together and meet with students interested in mathematics. The alums enjoy the opportunity to inform students about the professions they are in and how their studies in mathematics relate to their careers.  The students have the opportunity to understand the breadth of career opportunities for someone trained in the mathematical sciences and have the opportunity to begin making connections with professionals in the various fields.

This year the Seminar will consist of a panel session followed by break-out sessions.  During the panel session, professionals representing various careers will be introduced.  These professionals will in turn give a brief introduction to specific careers.  Break-out sessions will then follow the panel session.  In the break-out session, students can meet with the professionals more informally and learn more. 

Break-out sessions will be held for:



Information Technology




Actuarial Science 

Preparation for Graduate School

This year's panelists include:

Thomas Britt (85), Senior Actuary, Nationwide

Laura Eloe (84), Religion and Mathematics Teacher, Chaminade Julienne High School

Marla Gross (90), Senior Statistician, P & G

Robert Karkoska (73), National Security Agency

Robert A. Nero (68), President & CEO, Sircon Corporation

Anthony Ponder, Chair, Department of Mathematics, Sinclair Community College

Joanne Sklodowski (05), Statistician, Eastman Chemical Company

Eugene Steuerle (68), Institute Fellow and Richard B. Fisher Chair, The Urban Institute

Vincent Velten (82), Chief, Assessment & Integration Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory

Lynne Yengulalp, Assistant Professor, University of Dayton


The Biennial Alumni Career Seminar is generously supported by donations from our alums.