The Annual Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture

Department of Mathematics

University of Dayton

The Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture is an annual event at the University of Dayton. The lecture was established in 2000 so that noted mathematicians could give a talk to undergraduate students. This lecture is made possible entirely with the generous support of alumni donations in memory of Dr. Kenneth C. Schraut, who taught mathematics at the University of Dayton for many years.

2000 Schraut Lecture: Joe Diestel, Kent State University, Sums and Series in Vector Spaces
2001 Schraut Lecture: Rick Schoen, Stanford University, Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions
2002 Schraut Lecture: Paul Campbell, Beloit College, How to Keep Up with Mathematics    Slides    Handouts
2003 Schraut Lecture: Robert Lewand, Goucher College, How Not to Get Lost While on a Random Walk
2004 Schraut Lecture: Jane Pendergast, University of Iowa, Beyond Reasonable Doubt: The Role of Statistics in Health Research
2005 Schraut Lecture: Patrick Flinn, National Security Agency, Gröbner bases: A Natural Extension of Gaussian Reduction and the Euclidean Algorithm
2006 Schraut Lecture: Gregory Campbell, Food and Drug Administration, The Role of Biostatistics in Medical Devices:  Making a Difference in People’s Lives Every Day
2007 Schraut Lecture: William Dunham, Muhlenberg College, An Euler Trifecta
2008 Schraut Lecture: Robert Bolz, Lockheed Martin, Leadership Founded in Habits of Inquiry and Reflection
2009 Schraut Lecture: Tom Santner, Ohio State University, These Aren't Your Mothers and Fathers Experiments
2010 Schraut Lecture: Eugene Steuerle, The Urban Institute, Every Time I Turn Around There's Dr. Schraut or You Can't Take Mathematics out of a U.D. Mathematics Major
2011 Schraut Lecture: Jeffery Diller, University of Notre Dame, Imaginary Numbers, Unsolvable Equations, and Newton's Method
2012 Schraut Lecture: Lilian S. Wu, IBM Global University Programs,
2013 Schraut Lecture: Tom Bohman, Carnegie Mellon University, Randomness and Pseudorandomness in Combinatorics
2014 Schraut Lecture: Rafe Donahue, BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc.


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