Master of Mathematics Education 


The University of Dayton is pleased to offer a summer graduate program for a Master of Mathematics Education.

As you are well aware, state licensure guidelines now require that all K-12 grade teachers in Ohio complete a masters program in order to maintain a provisional teaching license for a second renewal. We hope you will consider meeting this requirement by enrolling in the Master of Mathematics Education Program at the University of Dayton - a program that has been designed to specifically address issues that are important to high school mathematics educators!

What will you gain as a result of your involvement in this program?

  • A focus on pedagogical content knowledge - the special knowledge that distinguishes mathematical knowledge from that of mathematicians.

  • Development of a stronger mathematics content knowledge, as well as the ability and opportunity to apply this knowledge to the 9-12 grade curriculum.

  • Knowledge of research issues and methods in mathematics education.

  • Continued growth as leaders in education.

  • Emphasis on the latest technological advances - both computer-based and using hand-held graphing calculators.

  • Experience "best practices" as modeled by program faculty whose area of expertise is mathematics education.

The program consists of 10 classes, 3 summer credit hours each, that may be completed over the course of three summers with minimal requirements during our school year.



Contact Dr. Becky Krakowski, Program Director, at (937) 229-2106, or by e-mail at for more information or to apply to the program.


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Last updated on June 23, 2005