2005 The Whitest Law School Report
and Other Law School Rankings Related
to Racial/Ethnic Diversity in Law School
Professor Vernellia Randall

Chapter 1: Introduction, Methodology and Limitations

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(Based on 2004 ABA/LSAC Information)





Diversity Measures
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  • Percent of State Whiteness in LSAC Applications was calculated by dividing the number  of applications from whites from a particular state by the number of total applications from the state. (Table)
    • For example, 6797 applications were from persons who state of residence was Texas; of those applications 4043 were from whites. Thus,  4043 divided  by  6797  times 100 = 59.5%.
  • Percent of Regional Whiteness in LSAC Application was calculated by dividing the number  of applications from whites from a region  by the number of total applications from the region.
    • For example, the Southeast region consist of  Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The total number of applications from the region is 9897. Of those applications, 6226 are from whites or 62.9%.  Thus, the percent of whiteness in LSAC Applications from the southeast region is 62.9% (added 04/18/04)
  • Descriptive Statistics  include mean, median, minimum, maximum.  The purpose of these statistics is to  give the reader a 'picture' of the data collected and used.
    • These statistics included only Historically White Law Schools" (HWLS) (n=177).
    • Mean is the average, around which the data clusters. All data in a sample is used. It is appropriate for data measured at least at interval level.
    • Median is the middle value when data in a sample is arranged in order. It is appropriate for data measured at least at ordinal level.
  • 8 was the Spearman Coefficient.  
    • If a result is 'statistically significant', it implies a statistical test has been carried-out, and the probability of obtaining the observed data (or more extreme) by chance, is small typically less than 0.05 or less than 5 chances out of a 100.





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