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Oct. 5, 2006


(Minutes Unapproved)


306 Chaminade, 3:00 p.m.        second  Meeting, 2006-2007

Presiding:  President Joseph Watras


1.  Treasurer Friel's Report

                Prof, Friel presented his report  


2. Approved minutes of Aug 31, 2006  


3.        Wine and Cheese discussion Ėon  Friday 22 September  2006 at 3:00  in the Forum of the Learning Teaching Center in the Roesch Library. The discussion was lead by Dr. Stephen Wilhoit and members of the Provostís Committee on the Evaluation of Faculty Teaching.  Dr. Thomas Lasley, Dr. Janet Herrelko and Teresa Arisco (student representative) discussed the work they completed last year.  The presentation was timely and well received.  Joseph Watras distributed the AAUP Policy Statement on evaluation of faculty.  These are available through our web site.


4.        The Chapter hopes that these wine and cheese socials provide a forum for topics of interest to faculty.  It is in this spirit that we solicit suggestions from faculty for our next wine and cheese social in 2007.  Possible topics should be sent to Joseph Watras.


5.  Dr. Friel wrote to the National AAUP for an updated roster of members


6. Next Meeting

           Dec. 5  (Tues.) 2006  in  203 Roesch Library  at 3:00   Dr.  Untener  has indicated that he will attend to discuss the upcoming visit by North Centralís evaluation team. All university faculty members are invited.


      7.  Adjournment at 4:00 p.m.

        Respectfully submitted,



        David M. Buckley


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