University of Dayton Chapter

American Association of University Professors

Dec. 1, 2004

(Minutes Unapproved)

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Roesch Library, 3:00 p.m.                                                                        Second  Meeting, 2004-2005

Presiding:  President Joseph L. Watras


1.  Minutes of  Oct. 20, 2004

                The minutes were approved.


2.  Treasurer Friel's Report

                        b.The report was accepted.



3. Faculty Salary report was given to the Chapter by Associate Provost Joseph A. Untener. The University is changing

to a new peer group for salary comparison.  It is not clear how this group was selected.  Since we are changing salary pools, it  would  be a good time to include categories  that are not now represented such as Librarians and others.


 4.  We are concerned about Contingent Faculty and hope that the University can decrease its reliance on these people.

        Are they included in all the reports concerning faculty?


5.  Establishment of fund to honor Dr. Beauregard

        The University of Dayton chapter will donate $200.00 to be matched by the Chapter’s officers  for the establishment  of a library fund for the purchase of books on Academic Freedom.  Dr.

Beauregard passed away last May 5 after many years of dedicated service to the University of Dayton.   The fund now stands at $500.00.  We have received Notes of Appreciation  from his daughter Caroline Beauregard Shinkle.    Donations  to the Beauregard Book Fund should be made to Jane Dunwoodie, Assistant to the Library Dean.



6.  Prof. Friel is notifying National AAUP concerning the death of Dr. Beauregard.


7. We mourn the passing of  Ed “Sandy” King, a long-time Professor here at the University.


 Next Meeting

                January  26 (Wed.) 2005. 3:00 PM  in Roesch Library room203


7.  Adjournment at 4:00 p.m.





                Respectfully submitted,



                David M. Buckley (taking over for Dr. Beauregard’s term),


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