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April 8, 2010  (Minutes Unapproved)  


Roesch Library 203, 2:00 p.m.  

Presiding:  Joseph Watras  


1.             Minutes of the Feb. 18, 2010 meeting were approved.


The members discussed the social event the chapter held in the LTC Forum 044 on 11 March 2010 from 3pm to 4pm. At this event, Dr. Saliba engaged in a conversation about contingent faculty here at the University. This category of faculty members includes part time instructors, administrative faculty members not on tenure tracks, and adjunct faculty members. The presentation was excellent and well attended. Dr. Saliba was well prepared, and he provided clear but complex answers to difficult questions.

The chapter formally thanked Dr. Saliba for providing the most complete set of facts they had seen on the subject. Most important, he described how situations developed, why part-time faculty members are essential to the university, and how the administration tries to balance the competing pressures it faces in staffing the university. After the session, several people said that the event was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn about an important aspect of our institution.

2.             Prof. Buckley is retiring in June after 42 years of service to the University.  He will donate a bound copy of his bibliography of Montgomery County from earliest times to 2009 to the Roesch Library along with a digital copy in the hope that it will continue to be updated.


3.             Next Meeting The chapter will suspend its regular meetings until January 2011. Dr. Rosenzweig will maintain the chapterís website during this interval.


5.         Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.



        Respectfully submitted,  


        David M. Buckley  


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