Kam C. Chan, Carl R. Chen, and Thomas L. Steiner

Production in the Finance Literature, Institutional Reputation, and Labor Mobility in Academia: A Global Perspectives, Financial Management, 2002 

(information not included in the FM paper)

Some remarks:

1. The 16 core journals are JF, JFE, RFS, JB, JFQA, FM, JBF, JFR, JFM, JIMF, FAJ, JPM, FR, JBFA, JFI, and JFSR.

2. The top-3 journals are JF, JFE, and RFS.

3. The journals only cover from 1990-2001.

4. When we calculated the weighted articles and JF-equivalent pages, we use the number of co-authors and co-affiliations as the weights.








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