Bioterrorism, Public Health and the Law 
Law 801: Health Care Law Seminar
Professor Vernellia R. Randall

Laboratory Result Reporting


Lesson Schedule
00: Intro to the Course
01: Intro to the Problem
02: Public Health System
03: Real Threat?
04: Public Health Law
05: Disease-Reporting
06: Quarantine
07: Model Act
08: Military Presence
09: Health Law Revisited




(A) The person in charge of any laboratory that examines specimens of human origin for evidence of diseases designated as reportable by rule 3701-3-02 of the Administrative Code shall report all positive results of such examinations to the board of health of the health district in which the person from whom the specimen was taken resides.

(B) A positive result of a laboratory examination for a reportable disease shall be considered reason to suspect that a person is infected by that disease. Upon receipt of a laboratory report of a positive result for a reportable disease, the board of health shall cause inquiry to be made through the attending physician or medical facility to determine if the suspected disease exists.


HISTORY: 1998-99 OMR 65 (R-E), eff. 7-23-98; 1979-80 OMR 4-615 (A), eff. 3-13- 80; prior HE-3-04

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