Law  - Fall 2009
Racism, Health Disparities, and the Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton School of Law

 Social Policy is Health Policy is Law


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Rising Wealth Inequality: Why We Should Care

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"There is an Axis of Evil,  An Axis of Evil of inequality, of racism, of poverty, of economic deprivation
 that is adversely affecting the health of the American people." David Williams


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Law students wishing to request a disability related accommodation must submit the request in writing to Brenda Cooper, Program Coordinator: Disability Services for the University's Learning Enhancement & Academic Development (LEAD) Office, (937) 229-2066 located in the Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center, LTC 023 and provide a copy of the request to Dean Lori Shaw, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.  

If you have secured a current Self-Identification Form indicating you have a disability which requires academic accommodations, please present the Self-Identification Form to me so I will be able to provide the appropriate accommodation needed in this class.


Professor Randall's Note:

As a person with a learning disability, I know how tempting it is to to say that you don't need accommodations. In fact, in undergraduate school, you may have gotten few, if any.  The difference  between undergraduate school and law school is that in undergraduate school it is very easy to self-accommodate by the courses you take and the load you carry. There is no such leave way in law school. It is impossible to self-accommodate. I know many students who say that they want to try it without accommodations. The problem is that by the time you figure out it is not working you have, at best, lost most of the semester and at worst have already done poorly on exams.

My advice, whether you have a learning, physical or emotional disability, take the accommodations you are entitled to. If you feel after doing the semester with accommodations that you didn't need them then drop them.

One final note, whether you are granted accommodations on the bar can be dependent in large part on whether you had accommodations in law school.

I have assisted numerous students with disabilities please feel free to talk with me. 



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