Law  - Fall 2009
Racism, Health Disparities, and the Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton School of Law

 Social Policy is Health Policy is Law



Rising Wealth Inequality: Why We Should Care

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"There is an Axis of Evil,  An Axis of Evil of inequality, of racism, of poverty, of economic deprivation
 that is adversely affecting the health of the American people." David Williams


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You may not award points to yourself.

Only award points if you feel the person has significantly contributed to the discussion.

Award Karma points based on the quality of the participation, irrespective of the content, award points for exceptional participation even if you do not necessarily agree with the ideas presented.

Do not award points unless you believe the students participation was exceptional.  However, donít be stingy awarding points.


Karma Points - 1 point Award
Succinct, interesting, original, and well-documented argument or idea, or provide useful analysis or pertinent facts or law.

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Creative and Original, and compelling contribution, argues clear points; Supported contribution with evidence, good analysis.

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Ways to Improve Chances of Receiving Karma Points
  • Choose provocative positions in class or subject lines to make your postings stand out.
  • Present your own perspectives
  • Write  and speak clearly.
  • Construct an argument. Provide evidence, present a rationale that supports your positions, and reference the opinions of others, linking to supplementary evidence when appropriate and reading assignment
  • Open up debate by remembering that the best response is one that gets people thinking, and that makes them want to reply.
  • Learn from others by listening carefully and referring to appropriate comments of others in the class in your own.
01 Defining Health                             x
02 Health Disparities                                   x
03 Health Policy & the Law
04 Wealth Inequalities                                  x
05 Racial Inequality                            x
05 Racial Inequality                            x
06 Physical Environment
07 Health Care Disparities                                  x
08 Pulling it together                                              x


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