Law  - Fall 2009
Racism, Health Disparities, and the Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton School of Law

 Social Policy is Health Policy is Law


Public and Sustainable Transportation: Policy Strategies

Rising Wealth Inequality: Why We Should Care

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"There is an Axis of Evil,  An Axis of Evil of inequality, of racism, of poverty, of economic deprivation
 that is adversely affecting the health of the American people." David Williams


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Health Equity Search


  • Give precedence to cycling and walking on roads
  • discourage out-of-town malls and residential sprawl
    through land-use and zoning restrictions
  • improve public transit, especially for underdeveloped and
    isolated urban and inner-ring suburban communities as well as to rural areas
  • develop light rail, electric  buses and other “green” modes of mass transit
  • reduce emissions and fuel consumption
  • establish dedicatedbus lanes
  • promote neighborhood planning that favors walking.
  • “Taken from the UNNATURAL CAUSES Discussion Guide, A project of California Newsreel. Copyright © 2008 California Newsreel.”
    01 Defining Health                             x
    02 Health Disparities                                   x
    03 Health Policy & the Law
    04 Wealth Inequalities                                  x
    05 Racial Inequality                            x
    05 Racial Inequality                            x
    06 Physical Environment
    07 Health Care Disparities                                  x
    08 Pulling it together                                              x


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