Law  - Fall 2009
Racism, Health Disparities, and the Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton School of Law

 Social Policy is Health Policy is Law


02 Learning Objectives

Rising Wealth Inequality: Why We Should Care

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"There is an Axis of Evil,  An Axis of Evil of inequality, of racism, of poverty, of economic deprivation
 that is adversely affecting the health of the American people." David Williams


Philosophy of Teaching                                             x
Teaching Methods                                            x
Evaluation and Grading                                             x
Resources                                            x
Mechanics                                            x
Academic Accommodations
UD Academic Honesty                            x
Lesson Outline                                             x
Health Equity Search


  • Using the teaching objectives for this course as a starting point, write ten specific learning objectives for yourself for this course. (This assignment is due January 11th before class and should be submitted through Moodle.)
  •   Your objectives should be concrete and measurable. 
    • One Objective related to each of substantive teaching areas: Health, Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health, Health Policy, Racial Inequalities, Wealth Inequalities, Physical and Built Environment, Health Care Disparities.
    • One objective for each of the learning domains (cognitive, affective, psychomotor)
  • Read the following to help you write learning objectives:
  • Before writing your objectives, get an overview of the course, review the table of contents of both the assigned books, review the syllabus.
  • In a footnote, for each objective identify which substantive teaching area it is for, which learning domain it covers and whether it covers diversity and justice. Remember, an objective can meet more than one requirement.
  • Keep a copy of your learning objectives because at the end of the semester you will have to write a reflection paper which discusses how well your objectives were met.
01 Defining Health                             x
02 Health Disparities                                   x
03 Health Policy & the Law
04 Wealth Inequalities                                  x
05 Racial Inequality                            x
05 Racial Inequality                            x
06 Physical Environment
07 Health Care Disparities                                  x
08 Pulling it together                                              x


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