Law 803 Health Care Malpractice
Professor Vernellia Randall
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01: Intro to Medical Malpractice


01: Introduction
02: Sickness and Quality
03: Medical Error
04: Provider Obligation
05: Hospital Obligation
06: Contractual Relationship
Lesson Schedule

Unit01: Introduction
Unit02: Professional Liability
Unit03: Institutional Liability
Unit04: Tort Reform
Other Syllabi 
American Health Care Law

Violence and Public Health
Favorite Poetry
The Bridge Poem
Still I Rise
No Struggle No Progress
Related Websites
Race and Racism
Gender and the Law
Legal Education
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Reading Assignment

bulletRead the Syllabus.
bulletBe sure to follow the links. 
bulletComplete the Survey on having read and understood the syllabus: Survey on Syllabus 
bulletAlphabet Soup of Health Care Providers
bullet Providers and Service Use, State Health Facts Online, (explore the links under Physicians and Non-physician Providers)
bulletMinority non-federal physicians and medical school graduates, State Health Facts Online
bulletWomen non-federal physicians, State Health Facts Online

Problem Assignment

bulletSign-up for TWEN: Health Care Malpractice.
bulletUsing the teaching objectives for this course, the lesson schedule and the table of contents  as a starting point, write  6-8 specific learning objectives for yourself for this course (Be sure and type the assignment; Handwritten objectives will not be acceptable) (This is due Thursday, Jan 15)
bulletYour objectives should be concrete and measurable.
bulletAt least one objectives for each of the four units: Introduction, Liability of Professionals, Liability of Institutions and Tort Reforms. 
bulletAt least one objective for each of the learning domains (cognitive, affective, psychomotor)
bulletAt least one objective related to diversity.
bulletRead the following to help you write learning objectives:
bulletGuidelines for Writing Learning Objectives
bulletLearning Domains
bulletKeep a copy of your approved learning objectives because at the end of the semester you will have to write a reflection paper which discusses how well your objectives were met.
bullet You should begin the process of getting a copy of your medical records: Both physician and hospital. You will not share these records with anyone but you will be expected to assess them and to write a short reflection paper. This assignment is not required for the first day of class - It is due February 3rd.
bulletRead Lewis, p. 1-82
bulletWatch Video: Charting Medical Records: Do's & Don'ts to Avoid Medical Liability
bulletReview your medical records. What is the contents of the records, that is what kind of forms or notes are in the records? Are they readable? Are they complete? Is there missing information or information you don't understand? Evaluate the records against the Do's & Don'ts video.


bulletRequired: Zion v. New York Hospital; Deadly Dose: Who's at Fault? On Reserve in the Library (This is due Tuesday, January 13)
bulletWrite a 500 - 750 word typed reflection paper. What do you think about the case? Do you think that "evidence" supports the jury verdict? What do you think of the lawyering?

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