Law 803 Health Care Malpractice
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06: Contractual Relationship


01: Introduction
02: Sickness and Quality
03: Medical Error
04: Provider Obligation
05: Hospital Obligation
06: Contractual Relationship
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Unit01: Introduction
Unit02: Professional Liability
Unit03: Institutional Liability
Unit04: Tort Reform
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Required Reading

bulletFurrow, Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care
pp. 246-268
bulletFurrow, 2003 Supplement to Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care
pp. 43-44

Problem Assignment

bulletArbitrating Disaster, Furrow Liability and Quality Issues in Health Care
pp. 268

Video/Reflection Assignment

bulletRead Lewis, p. 1-82
bulletExtra Credit: Watch Video: Charting Medical Records: Do's & Don'ts to Avoid Medical Liability
bulletReview your medical records. What is the contents of the records, that is what kind of forms or notes are in the records? Are they readable? Are they complete? Is there missing information or information you don't understand? Evaluate the records against the Do's & Don'ts video.


The Cardio-vascular System pp. 182-186

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