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Class Problems
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American Health Care Law

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During most classes we will work on problems, in fact the primary focus of the class will be on problems. You should work out an individual answer to the assigned problems and be prepared to fully participate in the class.  You should read and think about the unassigned problems since we will be working on many of them in class.  Your class participation grade will be effected about how well you participate on both assigned problems and  unassigned problems for the class.


Formatting Convention: 

  • typed
  • single spaced
  • 1 inch margins (right, Left, and bottom)
  • .5 in margin Top
  • 12 pt. Times Roman
  • Use Word, rft  for electronic submission.

You should post your answer to Moodle by the time required. In general, assignments are due the day before class.  Only the problem posted on Moodle will be graded.  Not all assigned problems will be graded. There will be at  least 3 graded problems. Other assigned problems will be assessed on a good faith basis.  Graded Problems will count for 70% of the problem grade. Other assigned problems will count for 30% of the problem grade.

Graded Problems are due 5:00 pm the day before and should be posted in Moodle DROP-BOX 


YOU SHOULD BRING TWO COPIES of YOUR PROBLEM to CLASS. One copy will be turned in during class. At the top of the page in the right hand-corner place your name on the first line and on the second line place the problem number and name. Problem answers  will be collected during class. No problems answer will be accepted late (That is after class). No exceptions! The problems turned in at class is "evidence" of your preparation for class.  The second copy is for you to use in your small group discussion. You are not prepared for class if you don't have a copy of your problem for your use during class.

For each problem you should prepare your own answers BEFORE CLASS.   Your problem answer should reflect a good faith attempt to answer the question. In structuring your answer to the extent possible use the following guidelines:
  • State a Conclusion to the Question(s) presented
  • Identify relevant laws and other principles;
  • Discuss the resolution of the problem including the legal, social or other issues; applying laws and other principles appropriately; Use supporting information; Making  reasonable arguments and conclusions that are reasonable.
  • Restate the Conclusion


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