Law Law 6842-01  Winter, 2011
American Health Care Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton School of Law


Lesson Outline
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Unit 01 Organization                             x
Unit 02 Access                             x
Unit 03 Quality                             x
Unit 04 Reform                             x
Syllabus                                        x
Lesson Outline                             x

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American Health Care Law

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Week Date Lesson
1 Aug 28 Health, Illness and Dying in America
  Public Health

Unit One: Organizing The Health Care System

2 Sept.  1 Understanding the United States Health Care System(s)
  Structuring Health Care Enterprises
3 Sept.  8 Federal Tax Exemption
  Professional Relationships
4 Sept.  15 Antitrust in Health Care - Part I
  Antitrust in Health Care - Part II

Unit Two: Access and Cost Control

5 Sept.  22 Access and Cost Control
  Access for the  Uninsured
6 Sept 29 Access for Middle Class: Private Insurance - State
  Access for Middle Class: Private Insurance and ERISA  
7 Oct 6 Access for the Poor (Medicaid)
  Access for the Elderly (Medicare)
  Oct. 13 Cancelled
  Oct  19 - Oct 23 No Classes - Intrasession Week
8 Oct. 27 Medicare and Medicaid: Fraud and Abuse 
  Medicare and Medicaid: Stark I & II
9 Nov 3 Rationing Scarce Resources

Unit Three: Promoting Quality

  Nov 3 Promoting Quality
10 Nov. 10 Regulation of Professionals
Regulation of Institutions
11 Nov 17 Liability - Professionals
Liability - Institutions  - Hospitals and Other Institutions
Liability - Institutions  - Managed Care 
12 Nov.  24 Physician- Patient Relationship - Confidentiality
Physician- Patient Relationship - Informed Consent

Unit 4: Summary

13 Dec 1 Addressing Disparities in Health Care
    Reforming the Health Care System
Extra Credit Assignment: Paper: Reforming the Health Care System including evaluation of  on access, cost control,  quality and eliminating health disparities.

Course Overview                                             x
Course Mechanics                                             x
Philosophy of Teaching                                             x
Teaching Methods                                             x
Evaluation/Grading                                             x
Resources                                             x
Lesson Outline                                             x
Accommodation Notice                                             x
Personal Experience                                             x
Syllabus Questionnaire                                             x





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