Law Law 6842-01  Winter, 2011
American Health Care Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
The University of Dayton School of Law


Syllabus Questionnaire
Please notify me of any typo, misspelling, etc.


Unit 01 Organization                             x
Unit 02 Access                             x
Unit 03 Quality                             x
Unit 04 Reform                             x
Syllabus                                        x
Lesson Outline                             x

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American Health Care Law

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Still I Rise
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Race and Racism
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I  have read the section on Course Mechanics 
have any questions. 

Question re: Course Mechanics

I  have read the section on Philosophy of Teaching
I understand that this course focuses not only teaching substantive law, but also diversity issues in health care.
I   have any questions.

Question re: Philosophy of Teaching

I  have read the section on Teaching Methods .  
I understand that this course: (Check indicates understanding)

  • is taught in a non-traditional method. ()
  • focuses more on problem-based learning than case analysis; ()
  • uses cooperative learning small groups and large class discussion instead of traditional Socratic method;()
  • teaches black letter law primarily taught through assigned readings; and, that very little traditional lecture occurs. ()
  • Uses extensively self, peer and teaching assistant assessment.()
  • I understand that if my preferred learning style is through traditional lecture that I may feel that course is not well suited for my learning.() Please note: My methods will help everyone learn.

 I  have any questions. 

Question re: Teaching Methods

I  have read the section on Evaluation and Grading.  
I  understand the requirements regarding

  •  class participation (
  • Online participation  () and
  • problems  (). 

I understand that doing extra credit assignments can significantly affect my grade.()  

I have any questions. 

Question re: Evaluation and Grading

I  have read the section on Resources .
have an questions. 

Question re: Resources

I have read reviewed the Lesson Outline.  

I understand that only the lesson outline posted on Moodle AND the Moodle calendar) is the official course assignment syllabus. 

I understand that I am required to attend all make-up classes.  .

have and questions.

Question re: Lesson Outline.


I have read the section on Academic Accommodations. I understand that I must follow the policy for the University to be legally obligated to provide me academic accommodations. 

I   have any questions.

Question re: Academic Accommodations.

Other Questions

I     have any other questions. 

Personal Information

Last Name:     
First Name:   
Preferred Name:
Preferred Email Address:               

Education Level:  
Undergraduate Major:
Graduate Major:


Demographic Information (OPTIONAL)

Demographic Information helps me know who my students are and helps me know how to best plan to help the individuals and not just the group. As an African American woman who went back to law school at 36 years old as a single parent with 2 children, a history of academic difficulty (my UGPA was 2.3), a history of during poorly on standardized test (my LSAT was 145) and a learning disability , I am the poster child for ignoring conventional wisdom about who excels in law school. I graduated 11th in my class from Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law.  I also know that working hard is necessary but not sufficient, working smart is essential.  You cannot work smart unless you have accurate information.  Demographic information is a beginning step to helping me know who my students are and thus, be a better prepared teacher.

I also ask for demographic information because I use it to assure that when we address some problems that the groups are diverse.

The Following Demographic Information is optional.

Age: :             
Race/Ethnic Background:  

Year of Course:  

STOP!! Print a copy of this page for your record BEFORE submitting it and keep it for your record.







Course Overview                                             x
Course Mechanics                                             x
Philosophy of Teaching                                             x
Teaching Methods                                             x
Evaluation/Grading                                             x
Resources                                             x
Lesson Outline                                             x
Accommodation Notice                                             x
Personal Experience                                             x
Syllabus Questionnaire                                             x





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