Law Law 6842-01  Fall 2009
American Health Care Law
Professor Vernellia R. Randall
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Learning Objectives, Revisited
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American Health Care Law

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This assignment should be between 750 to 1000. It will be evaluated on a good faith response to the following:

  • Review your learning objectives from the beginning of the semester.   How well were they met?  How? Why?
  • For those that were not met, why weren't they met?
  • Would you make different objectives now that you have been through the course? What would they be?  Why?
  • Would you do things differently in terms of approaching the course? What would it be?  Why?
  • What are the most important things you learned from this course? Why?
  • The least important? Why?


28  Health Disparities                               x
30 Health Care Reform                           x






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