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Experiential Requirement Policy for all International Studies Majors

As stated in the University Bulletin, all International Studies majors must include an international and/or cross-cultural experiential component in their program prior to graduation.  This requirement can be satisfied through participation in an international study abroad program, internship, or  immersion.  It can also be satisfied by taking part in a service or work internship with an international organization located within the United States.  The experience must be a minimum of four weeks.  This requirement is satisfied by taking either INS 395 (International experience) the semester after you return to the University of Dayton following your international experience or by registering for INS 495 (USA internship/work experience) during the semester you are working.


You must submit to the International Studies Policy Committee a proposal outlining how you will satisfy the experiential component.  All students are encouraged to develop their proposals in consultation with their advisors and to submit innovative proposals tailored to their educational objectives consistent with the College of Arts and Sciences International Education GuidelinesAll students who wish to fulfill this requirement by going abroad must also consult with the Coordinator of International Educational Programs, Sally Raymont, and are encouraged to utilize the resource materials of the Center for International Programs located at (Alumni Hall 117).


Your proposal must describe the goals you plan to fulfill through your experience and provide information on the means by which those goals will be achieved.  Proposals should also incorporate answers to all questions on the proposal forms linked below.


Proposals should be submitted to the International Studies Director as early as possible in the semester preceding the proposed experiential and no later than March 1st for the Summer and Fall terms or November 1st for the Winter term.  Remember, students planning study abroad must register for INS 395 in the Fall or Winter semester following their study abroad experience


The Policy Committee may request revisions in any proposal before approval.  It will communicate its decisions by December 1 and April 1 of each year.


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