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   A letter from the director:

Hello.  Thank you for stopping by the website for the International Studies program at the University of Dayton.  My name is Dr. Marybeth Carlson and I am the Director of the International Studies Program.  I bring to the position my passion for developing the variety of talents and interests found among International Studies majors.  I look forward to working with majors—past, present and future—as well as the Dayton community to continue to develop the program in ways that prepare students to meet new global challenges.

As you know, we live in a rapidly changing world.  Never before have so many issues—from environmental sustainability and immigration to economic development and homeland security—transcended national boundaries.  Globalization increasingly links our well-being to the ability of community and global leaders to understand, communicate and work effectively with people from other parts of the world.  The context in which we lead our professional and personal lives will be increasingly multicultural and global in scope, demanding new levels of international knowledge - knowledge of other countries, their governments, policies, histories, cultures, languages and geographies. The twenty-first century requires a commitment to international learning so that we all can lead and serve in this dynamic global environment.

The International Studies program at the University of Dayton is designed to provide students with the broad educational foundation for leadership and service in this increasingly complex global community.  International Studies is a multi-disciplinary major.  Its core curriculum of courses in anthropology, communication, economics, fine arts, history, literature, political science, and foreign language study is designed to prepare students to be leaders in addressing global challenges.  The major’s concentrations provide an opportunity to develop an expertise in one of the following areas:


Global Environmental Sustainability


Global Migration and Economic Development


International Business


International Education


International Journalism and New Media


Peace and Global Security

What’s unique about the University of Dayton’s International Studies program?  As part of the foundation requirements for an International Studies degree students complete a self-designed experiential learning component to increase their knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures or provide experience in the field of policy formation. Students can fulfill this requirement through study abroad programs, service-learning opportunities, or internships with governmental or non-governmental agencies.  The University of Dayton Center for International Programs and the Campus Ministry center for Social Concern provide a host of university-sponsored education and/or service abroad opportunities.  Students interested in the fast pace of life in Washington, D.C. can participate in an internship program through the Washington Center ( Past students have fulfilled this requirement in diverse ways—from building orphanages in Guatemala to working for the Defense Department.

Graduates of our program are employed today at the World Bank, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, China Airlines, the Peace Corps, the Red Cross, Nestle, and a host of other institutions.  They are educators, lawyers, social workers, policy analysts and soldiers, systems analysts and salespersons.  They live and work throughout the United States and other parts of the world.  In all places and all walks of life, the broad educational background provided by the International Studies curriculum continues to inform their lives. Please click here for further information regarding how our distinguished graduates are using their INS degree in careers that are both financially and personally rewarding.

I am happy to hear from alumni and answer questions from prospective students.  Please feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 937-229-2765.

Learn. Lead. Serve.

Marybeth Carlson, Ph.D., Director

International Studies Program


University of Dayton

300 College Park ♦ Dayton, Ohio 45469-1511

(937) 229-2765 ♦ (937) 229-2288 (Fax)


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