Proposal for Internship Experience




The International Studies program offers students opportunities to gain work experience through internships in businesses and organizations within the United States.  In order to be eligible to participate, the student must meet the following minimum course requirements in International Studies.


International Studies Requirements


    Minimum Course Requirements:

Completed at least one Economics course, and preferably both, ECO 203 and ECO 204;

Completed POL 202 and POL 214;

Completed ENG 272;

Completed GEO 103;

Completed HST 102;

Language: at least two years of college level course work or equivalent; and

Should have completed at least six credit hours in their concentration, and three to six hours in additional general requirements.

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

Student must be in good standing at the University.

Student may receive no more than six semester hours credit.

Student intern will submit a daily log and written analytical report to the internship director at conclusion of internship.

Student must be a Junior or Senior.



The purpose of the goal statement is to clarify your aims and objectives as you begin your work experience.  You need to spell out your understanding of what you wish to accomplish during the internship period.  Due to the short time span of the internship, you need to state your aims and objectives as clearly and concisely as possible and in terms that will allow you to measure your progress easily.  Ask yourself questions that you can answer with specific goal statements.


Here are some examples:

v Is there a particular project that I want to work on during my internship?  v What type of experience do I wish to have?  v Do I wish to work in a service-related capacity, business, or government?  v What do I hope to learn/accomplish during my internship?  v How will my experience enhance my International Studies major?  v Am I contemplating working in this field in the future, or do I just want to see what possibilities there are for INS majors?

Add your own questions to these examples.  Then, in stating your goals, be as specific as you can - avoid generalizations as it is very difficult to evaluate them over the short term. Write down goals and objectives as they come to mind, and then sort out the most important ones.


When you get into the work experience itself you may find that you want to revise what you have written.  Perhaps you may want to make the statement more specific or even extend the purpose somewhat.  If so, do it!  It will sharpen your focus and take a first step toward the overall evaluation.



Student Information:




Current Rank:   


Proposal Information:

Internship: Name of organization, location and informational website:


Dates of proposed internship:


Additional Information:


Please describe how (or if) you will be using your foreign language skills:


Description of Goals:


Referring to the suggestions and information above, please type your goal statement here; your response should be several paragraphs.




REMEMBER:  Proposals for Summer and Fall terms must be submitted on or before March 1st; for Winter term, November 1st.


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