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The entire section is based on Michael Josepheson, Evaluation and Grading in Law School, AALS Section on Teaching (1984).


Analyzing the facts of the questions
bulletRead carefully: Read the stem first.
bulletDon't Assume Facts
bulletChose the simple interpretation; Don't make them more complex, than they really are.
bulletTrigger factors to watch for in reading MC Questions
bulletconflicting common law rules, and no one majority
bulletsee if you will ignore instinct
bulletread the statute carefully and apply it mechanically
bulletPay special attention to seemingly meaningless details about people.


Handling the specific inquiry in each question

bulletReword the inquiry
bulletWhat is the most likely outcome?
bulletWhat will be the result and why?
bulletWhich claim is most likely to succeed?
bulletWhich is the only claim that can succeed on these facts--and why?
bulletWhat is defendant's best defense?
bulletWhy won't the defendant be guilty on these facts?
bulletIf party X loses, the most likely basis for the judgment is that . . .
bulletParty X lost because ...


Summon the applicable test immediately before reading the options

bulletHelps prevent you from being seduced into choosing a distracter





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