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contact Dean Lori Shaw.


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 Ruta Stropus
Assistant Dean for Educational Services and Director
Academic Support Program, DePaul University College of Law.

Before the Exam 
There is no Substitute for Preparation
It starts with memorization. Divide the number of pages of your outline by the days you have allotted to study that subject. This is the amount your need to cover each day.
It ends with application - practice the practice exams. Know yourself, study in the most optimal learning environment for you. Try Mozart.
Reduce your outline to a flowchart. Focus on the links between and among the items in your chart.
Research your professor - likes; dislikes.


During the Exam 
Establish a Ritual
Brain dump your flowchart [issue list] on the inside of the Bluebook. Write the word BECAUSE in bold letters on top of your exam booklet.
Read the exam three times - once for priority; twice for issues; third time for content.
List the issues next to each sentence of the fact pattern.
Check off the issues next to your flowchart once you identify them on the exam.
Highlight and answer only what is asked of you.
Do not psyche yourself out by looking for "trick" questions.
Organize your answer by person or action.
Write in [PRE-IRAC-C].
Analysis is key - give an A; get an A. Focus on the main argument and if there is one, the opposing argument.
Give up when time is up.


After the Exam 
Move on and Replenish
Do not speak to anyone about the exam after the exam.
Do not plan to study the night after taking an exam.
Start afresh the next day.


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