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Ohio Jurisprudence 3d (Westlaw)
Please contact me about any typo, misspelling, etc.


Please notify me of any typos, spelling errors, etc.


Unit 01 - Introduction                                          x
Unit 02 - Damages                                 x
Unit 03 - Equitable                                     x
Unit 04 - Restitution                                  x
Unit 05 -  Other Concepts                           x
Unit 06 - Closure                                 x
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We will have assignments from this database.


Database Name: Ohio Jurisprudence 3d

Database Identifier: OHJUR

Current through February, 2009 (Vol. 67) and the print supplement of November, 2008 Westlaw updated monthly.

Updates: Topics are as follows:

Mandamus, Procedendo, and Prohibition
Manufactured Home Parks, Recreational Vehicle Parks, and Private Campsites
Markets and Marketing

Content Highlights: 

Ohio Jurisprudence 3d is an encyclopedia containing over 400 separate titles on a broad range of legal topics, which systematically describe the entire field of state legal doctrine.

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Note: The "Allfiles" billing rate applies to this Premier Thomson database.

The OHJURScope link takes you to scope information for this database database contains the full text of Ohio Jurisprudence, Third Edition, a modern comprehensive text statement of Ohio law completely revised and rewritten in the light of modern authorities and developments. The encyclopedia contains more than 400 separate titles on a broad range of legal topics which, taken together, systematically describe the entire field of Ohio legal doctrine. Documents available for each title may include a summary, an outline, each individual section of text, and a Table of Parallel References. Each title is updated annually and any supplementary materials are included as part of the document updated.

Ohio Jurisprudence, Third Edition, is a multiple volume legal encyclopedia consisting of more than 400 separate titles.


Ohio Jurisprudence, Third Edition OH Jur. 3d

Citation Formats
Tip: To view a document with a known citation, type find followed by the citation and press ENTER, e.g., 1 ohjur actions 1. If you are unsure of the volume(s) in which a particular Ohio Jurisprudence 3d title appears, or of the abbreviation for a title, assistance is available by typing ohjur followed by the full name of the title and pressing ENTER, e.g., ohjur actions.

Searching and Fields
In this database you may choose the Terms and Connectors search method or the Natural Language search method.

With a Terms and Connectors search, you enter a query, which consists of key terms from your issue and connectors specifying the relationship between those terms. With Natural Language, you can retrieve documents by simply describing your issue in plain English.

For more information on using one of these search methods, see online Help.

Tip: The Summary document for each title includes an overview (scope, Treated Elsewhere, Federal Aspects), research references (citations to laws, annotations, practice aids, and other sources of additional, related information), and Jump markers to the Outline and Table References documents for the title and also to the alphabetical list of all titles. To retrieve the Summary document for a particular Ohio Jurisprudence 3d title, use a citation field search, e.g., ci(sum & (name of title)).

Tip: The Outline document for each title includes a summary of contents of that title followed by a detailed table of contents which enumerates each section. Jump markers are available from the summary to the detailed listing, and from each numbered section to the full text of the section. To retrieve the Outline document for a particular Ohio Jurisprudence 3d title, use a citation field search, e.g., ci(outline & (name of title)).

Tip: The Table of Parallel References document for each title shows, in tabular format, where the subject matter of the various sections of titles in Ohio Jurisprudence, Second Edition, is treated in the Third Edition and/or where sections appearing in an earlier version of the Third Edition are treated in the most current revision. To retrieve this table for a particular Ohio Jurisprudence 3d title, use a citation field search, e.g., ci("par refs") & (name of title).

In this database you can use Documents in Sequence to view consecutive documents even if they were not retrieved by your search or Find request.

The abbreviations for the fields in this database are:


CI CITATION Unique references for citing to specific documents.
PR PRELIM Ohio Jurisprudence, Third Edition, the particular volume number and date published, and superior headings (including the name of the particular title).
SO SOURCE Copyright notice.
AU AUTHOR Name(s) of the author(s) of the document, if available.
TI TITLE Title of the document (including section number, if any).
TE TEXT Text of the document.
NO NOTES Observations, practice tips, and other asides by the author(s) that appear in the text of the document.
SUP SUPPLEMENT Any updating information from the Cumulative Supplement that appears in the text of the document.
RE REFERENCES Research References.

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