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For Additional Extensive resources please see:
Internment of Japanese Americans
 in Concentration Camps

|Hospital Room|  The camp hospital.

University of Arizona Library, WRA Exhibit, 1995.

|Single Grave| July, 1942. Grave of the first Japanese American to die while imprisoned at Manzanar.

Edward Spicer, Asael Hansen, Katherine Luomala, Marvin Opler; Impounded People, Japanese-Americans in the Relocation Centers; University of Arizona Press; Tucson, Arizona; 1969, p. 206.

|Manzanar Dust Storm| A Manzanar dust storm.
Dorothea Lange, July 3, 1942.

Patch American High School, Pictures of World War II, 1995

|Stop - Area Limits| On the edge of Manzanar.

Michael Furukawa, 442ND Go for Broke, 1996.

|Stay 10 Ft. Away|  Another warning sign at Manzanar.

Smithsonian Institution, A More Perfect Union, 1995.

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